Sierra Batuco

Estate Bottled Wines from the Maule Valley

Sierra Batuco lies to the west of the Maule Valley, nestled in the Coastal Range of rolling hills that run along Chile’s coastline. In winter, the rains are plentiful, and temperatures cool, with minimum of 1ºC at night and average maximum of 12ºC at midday. The summers are extremely dry, but temperatures seldom rise above 28ºC due to strong coastal influences from the cool Pacific Ocean, and at night the temperatures often drop below 10ºC. The soils are deep clay composed of runoff from the surrounding hills, under which is a layer of decomposing igneous rocks. The roots can penetrate up to 5 meters deep, which allows the vines to withstand long periods without water.

Chile´s Coastal Mountains are an extensive range of graceful rolling hills that separate the fertile Central Valley from the Pacific Ocean. The range doesn’t form snowcaps in winter, so there is no snowmelt for irrigation during the long dry summers. It is a forgotten land, barely cultivated, and sparsely populated. However, it is a viticultural paradise. Altitude and proximity to the Pacific Ocean keep daytime temperatures cool, and the deep clay soils retain just enough humidity so our vines grow moderately and mature their grapes slowly.

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Pioneering Wines from Chile´s Coastal Frontier

"Lost in the hills of Chile’s coastal mountains, the small village of Batuco has been making exquisite wine for years; a well-kept secret of the region".

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Our Reserva Collection

Our Reserva wines are hand picked from one of our four Estate Vineyards. We then hand sort and prepare the grapes for wine making in our state of the art winery. We finish the wines in French Oak barrels to ensure an exquisite representation of our unique terroir.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine is rich jammy fruit flavors yet surprising acidity and freshness, with lingering tobacco and chocolate flavors.

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This wine is full of red fruits, prunes, soft tannins, with notes of chocolate and coconut. Vivid red fruits and fresh, fine floral notes reminiscent of lavender and violets perfume on a final smoke and toasted hazelnuts. Its color is intense violet.

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Pinot Noir

The wine has a nose of plum and vanilla, which open up in the mouth with notes of cherries and toffee and lingering licorice notes.

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This Carménère has aromas of dry leaves and white pepper that unfold with raspberry and blackberry fruit flavors, silky smooth tannins, and a lovely complex finish.

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Pinot Grigio

A luscious wine with rich notes of ripe pear, melon and honey melting

into a creamy mouthfeel with a crispy fresh finish.

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Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc is pale yellow with silver highlights. The nose is of passion fruit and guava blended with citrus and tropical fruits such as lime, grapefruit, and bananas, supplemented with soft floral notes and mineral touches. 

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Opening with aromas of citrus, tropical fruits and honey, the wine develops nicely in the mouth, straddling perfectly the line between buttery and mineral. Notes of nuts and melon linger.

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Gran Reserva

Lone Rider

This wine opens with bright red fruit, spices and blackberry that unfold into sulky dry prunes, chocolate and spice, finishing with lingering notes of graphite and spices.

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