Ojos Verde "Green Eyes"

Additional Information

Meaning: Green Eyes

Origin: Ojos Verdes sector of Batuco Vineyard

Location: Coastal mountains of Maule

Vineyard characteristics:

Year planted: 2008

Topography: low rolling hills

Climate: Mediterranean, with wet winters and dry summers

Temperatures: Elevation and proximity to the Pacific Ocean keep daytime temperatures moderate.  Nighttime temperatures drop considerably.  Temperature oscillations of more than 20°C are very common during the summer and fall.

Soils: deep alluvial clay and sand.  Roots can penetrate more than 3 meters deep.  Low fertility.

Irrigation: Winter rain water is accumulated in the reservoir, and together with the water that seeps from the “ojos verdes” (green eyes), we irrigate the vineyards with about 30% of the normal amount of water.  The deep soils and cooler soils compensate, and the result are healthy vines that mature slowly and gracefully.

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