Villa Degli Olmi and Baglio Wines

SINCE 1895

Villa degli Olmi is a cellar with a long tradition for the quality and distinctiveness of its wines. The story begins on horseback between the 19th and 20th centuries, a few years before the Great War, When great-grandfather Giovanni combines the traditional activity of silkworm breeding with the production and sale of wines. The market to Which it turns, first local, grows as the reputation of the quality of the products spreads among its customers. Already in 1926 John's wines were AWARDED the gold medal at Oenological important displays of the time. The Intensified activity in the Following years When the second generation joined the firm, giving Further impetus to business. Immediately after the Second World War, one of John's sons, Aurelio,decides to carry out an autonomous important project and open a newly built cellar. He chooses the town of Creazzo as His locality, then a small village close to the city of Vicenza, where His most loyal customers were located.

Over the years the company has invested a lot of time and sacrifices anche in the acquisition and cultivation of vineyards, becoming a core business of the firm, thanks to Matthew's attention and attention to detail, thus becoming responsible for all the management of our over 70 hectares of vineyards .

Today the company is present with its products in 30 foreign countries, but Constantly Their number is growing. In the meantime, the wine-growing part is expanding, vineyards with new in the most suitable areas.


There is no precise recipe That can guarantee the success of a company, but if there were, the ingredients could not fail to include the founding values ​​on Which a company Should be based: the union of energy and flavor. An intense, ancestral, unique and direct flavor, to be savored, understood and enhanced. Welcome to our estates. Welcome to the small big world of the Villa Olmi.

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